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The future of visual storytelling is here! Check out the new range of AI Generated videos available on Mixkit. Redefine how you create video content by experimenting with ground breaking AI Generated stock footage. Find the perfect AI Video clip for your next project in this art-filled artificial intelligence collection. All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Medium Shot, China, Chinese New Year, Crowd, Medium Shot Wide, Nighttime and Vertical Shot.

A kid in skiing gear is walking on the snow at dusk

In the tranquil embrace of a wintry dusk, a bundled-up kid in skiing gear takes determined steps across a pristine blanket of snow. The fading daylight casts a soft, ethereal glow, creating a serene ambiance.

A mesmerizing vessel sailing in the sea under a morphing sky at night

In the vast expanse of the nocturnal sea, a mesmerizing vessel glides gracefully through the undulating waves. Its silhouette, outlined against the ever-changing canvas of a morphing night sky, paints a scene of maritime enchantment.

An eerie woman wearing black attire and a black veil and holding a candle

In an enigmatic tableau, an eerie woman shrouded in black attire and a veil stands, a solitary figure holding a flickering candle, her face remains veiled, casting an air of mystery over her presence.

A young man swims on a crystal clear pool on a sunny day

Basking in the embrace of a sun-drenched day, a young man immerses himself in the refreshing waters of a crystal-clear pool. The sunlight plays upon the water's surface, creating a dazzling interplay of ripples and reflections.

A young man with red hair walks in the city center on a sunny day

Under the brilliant rays of a sunny day, a young man with striking red hair strolls with purpose through the bustling city center. His vibrant locks catch the sunlight, creating a captivating contrast against the urban backdrop.

A young man wearing headphones vibing to the music while walking in the park

Sporting headphones, a young man immerses himself in the rhythm of the music as he strolls through the park.

A young woman wearing a vibrant stylish dress turns on a vintage music stereo and starts dancing in the comfort of a room

Dressed in a vibrant outfit, a young woman turns on a vintage stereo, filling the room with classic tunes. Spontaneously, she begins dancing with carefree elegance, merging nostalgic vibes and contemporary flair in a joyful rhythm.

A cute teddy bear holding a heart-shaped balloon with the word love on it walks over a pink backdrop

Against a whimsical pink backdrop, a cute teddy bear captivates the scene, holding a heart-shaped balloon adorned with the endearing word "love." The plush companion, with its fuzzy exterior and warm demeanor, exudes an undeniable charm as he walks

A young couple sitting at the park with a dog share a heartfelt kiss at dusk

In the tranquil embrace of dusk, a young couple finds solace on a park bench, accompanied by the loyal presence of their canine companion. The fading sunlight bathes the surroundings in a warm, amber glow as the couple shares a quiet moment of connection with a heartfelt kiss.

A young couple share a lovely kiss inside a vintage van

Nestled within the cozy confines of a vintage van, a young couple shares a tender and heartfelt kiss, surrounded by the nostalgic ambiance of the carefully restored interior.

A colorful modern building takes center stage of the city at night

At the heart of the city's nocturnal skyline, a vibrant modern building commands attention, its colorful façade standing as a beacon against the dark canvas of the night. Lit by an array of dynamic lights, the architectural marvel becomes a captivating centerpiece, injecting a burst of contemporary energy into the urban panorama.

A colorful planet slowly rotates in the deep space

The planet's surface, adorned with swirling patterns and mesmerizing shades, stands as a testament to the kaleidoscopic wonders that the universe holds. Against the backdrop of the cosmic void, this celestial body becomes a captivating focal point.

A cyberpunk-style skyline with a morphing storm sky

In a cyberpunk-style city, towering skyscrapers are illuminated by neon lights against a stormy sky that constantly shifts and morphs. The skyline, characterized by angular buildings and holographic displays, creates a stark contrast with the turbulent atmosphere overhead.

A mesmerizing display of several hanging lit red Chinese traditional lanterns illustrations over a backdrop with moving leaves

Against a backdrop of gently swaying leaves, a mesmerizing tableau unfolds with several hanging, lit red Chinese traditional lanterns casting a radiant glow. The animated dance of the leaves provides a dynamic contrast, enhancing the enchanting ambiance.

A mesmerizing display of several hanging lit red Chinese traditional lanterns move gracefully with the wind

In a spellbinding visual symphony, a multitude of hanging, lit red Chinese traditional lanterns gracefully pirouette with the whimsical dance of the wind.

Lit red Chinese traditional lanterns move gracefully with the wind

Amidst the enchanting ambiance of the night, vibrant red Chinese traditional lanterns sway gracefully in the breeze, casting a warm and radiant glow.

A constant display of fireworks iluminate the city and a lake on the Chinese New Year celebration

The Chinese New Year celebration reaches its zenith with a continuous and mesmerizing display of fireworks, turning the night sky into a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. Cascading sparks paint brilliant trails against the urban backdrop, illuminating the entire city in a dazzling spectacle of light and color.

A mighty golden dragon statue under a blue sky with fireworks exploding on the Chinese New Year celebration

Beneath the expansive canvas of a clear blue sky, a majestic golden dragon statue commands attention, its intricate details gleaming in the sunlight. This awe-inspiring figure stands proudly as the focal point of the Chinese New Year celebration. The sky becomes a canvas for a breathtaking display of fireworks.

A busy street at night adorned with chinese lights has several people walking under a traditional Chinese door

On a bustling street immersed in the vibrant energy of the night, Chinese lights cast a warm and colorful glow, transforming the surroundings into a captivating spectacle. The lively scene is further enriched as several people, silhouetted against the luminous backdrop, stroll beneath the ornate arch of a traditional Chinese door.

A spooky zombie walking in a dark hallway

A spine-chilling and decrepit zombie slowly ambulates along the eerie and dimly lit corridor.

A supernova explosion in the deep dark space

In the vast expanse of the deep, enigmatic cosmos, a cataclysmic event unfolds as a resplendent supernova explosion bursts forth in a breathtaking display of cosmic fury.

A futuristic robot slowly morphs under laser beams and ethereal fog

A state-of-the-art futuristic robot undergoes a mesmerizing transformation amidst the interplay of intense laser beams and ethereal fog.

A humanoid figure carrying a suitcase walks trough a hallway towards a turquoise-light

In the hushed confines of the corridor, a mysterious humanoid figure strides purposefully, their features cloaked in shadows, carrying a sleek suitcase that exudes an air of enigma. The ambient lighting casts elongated shadows along the walls as the figure moves resolutely, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and suspense.

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